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Complementary Emergency Feedwater System

Customer: Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority
Project duration: 1999 – 2003

Project: In the initial design of the Kola Nuclear Power Plant (KNPP) with reactor type VVER 440, the main and auxiliary feed water pumps, as well as residual heat removal pumps, were placed next to each other in the turbine building. In case of a fire or a flooding, there was a risk that all pumps would be unavailable. To reduce the vulnerability a "Complementary Emergency Feed-water System" (CEFWS) was introduced on reactors 3 and 4. This system is fully autonomous and physically separated from both the regular and the emergency feed water systems.

A consortium consisting of governments from Norway, Finland and Sweden financed certain parts of the system which were not available in the Russian market. As the main financial contributor, Norway provided the project management and technical expert services. Storvik Consult was chosen for a western project leader.