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Decommissioning of Floating Maintenance Base Lepse

Customer: Nuvia Limited, UK
Project duration: April 2010 – ongoing

Project: In 2008 the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) signed a Grant Implementing Agreement with the Federal Centre for Nuclear and Radiation Safety to fund Phase I of the decommissioning of the Floating Maintenance Base Lepse.

In April 2010 Nuvia Limited was appointed the International Consultant to the Project Management Unit.

Role in the project: Storvik Consult is a subcontractor to Nuvia Limited with the following functions:

  • Technical assistance with review of documentation
  • Regular follow-up of work implementation in the region (Atomflot, Nerpa, OKBM, etc.)
  • Coordination of work between Nuvia and Russian stakeholders
  • Home and field office support including local logistics
  • Interpretation and translation