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Preparation for Defuelling and Defuelling of Papa-Class Nuclear-Powered Submarine

Customer: Nuvia Limited, UK
Project duration: April 2010 – ongoing

Project: In 2008 the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) signed a Grant Implementing Agreement with the Federal Centre for Nuclear and Radiation Safety for the preparation for unloading and unloading of spent nuclear fuel from Papa-class nuclear-powered submarine, hull No.501.

NPS 501 was built in 1969 and decommissioned in 1986. After decommissioning, NPS 501 had been awaiting the dismantling for 20 years. In 2009 NPS 501 was dismantled at Shiprepair Centre Zvezdochka into a three-compartment unit (3CU). 3CU with SNF in the reactor is stored in the water area of SRC Zvezdochka.   

In April 2010 Nuvia Limited was appointed the International Consultant to the Project Management Unit.

Role in the project: Storvik Consult is a subcontractor to Nuvia Limited with the following functions:

  • Assistance with review of technical documentation
  • Coordination of work between Nuvia and Russian stakeholders
  • Home office and field support including local logistics
  • Interpretation and translation