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Jarmo Lähteenmäki

International Business Advisor

+358 0400 759870
jarmo (at)

Educational background:
Master of Laws (University of Helsinki) 27.5.1982
LL.M (Brussels, French-English postgraduate degree) 16.9.2004
Licentiate of Laws (LL.Lic, University of Helsinki) 29.4.2005, thesis (in English) in labour law with connections to the European labour law
Assistant of Family and Inheritance Law in the University of Lapland 1.5-31.8.1980
Visiting Scholar in the University of Tromsø, Norway July 2003
Associated Researcher in the KUB University of Brussels 2005-2006
Doctor Juris-postgraduate in the University of Turku, Finland. Subject labour law/international law

Main professional/entrepreneur background:
Labour law lawyer 1982-1993
Head of labour market organisation 1993-2003
Brussels, Belgium 2003-2006, European labour Law and industrial relations
Law Office Jarmo Lähteenmäki Ltd, Helsinki, international labour, agreement and company law
European Law, Business Law, mediation since January 2007

Related professional activities:
Member of the Finnish Pension Court 1985-1993
Member of the Finnish Labour Court 1994-1997
Lectures in the international labour law in several countries of Europe, in Argentina, Indonesia, Russia, USA and Uruguay
Legal adviser in Uruguay in pulp industry 2006
Legal adviser in Argentina in pulp industry 2007
Legal adviser on international issues
Legal adviser for global multi-national organisations in labour and company law
Legal adviser for Finnish companies in Russia

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